Video Roulette

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Place a wager on a classic European Roulette table and enjoy our pre-recorded HD video of the spin.

Game Features

Betting Features

Following bet types are available:

  • Inside bets:

    • Straight/Single bet

    • Split

  • Outside bets:

    • Red or Black

    • Even or Odd

    • Low or High

    • Dozen Bet

    • Column bet

  • Called bets:

    • Series 0/2/3 (Voisins du Zero)

    • Series 5/8 (Tiers du cylindre)

    • Oprhelins

    • Zero Game (Jeu zero)

Game Play

“Video Roulette” game is displayed on the TV in your betting shop through a small and cheap and open source “Raspberry Pi“ computer.

No hassles with routing the expensive video cables in your shop, having an extra fast computer with additional graphics card which is hard to use and unreliable. With this small computer, all you need to do is put it behind TV, connect it as shown above, and you are ready to go!

Back Office

Included with our virtual games is access to a full back office service from your computer or your phone where you can control every key metrics for your business:

Mobile Reporting

Access your virtual games reports in realtime using your mobile or tablet device


Set limits for each shop/user/partner, and receive SMS and email alerts once the alert values have been reached.


Should you require data streaming from us, do not worry, we got you covered! We can provide the real-time data to you thought our XML or SOAP streaming servers

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