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Elbet Gives 2021 Guidance

February, 2021

2020 was an annus horribilis, challenging and unprecedented for many businesses. Although the headwinds were strong, Elbet ended last year with a 32% increase in revenues over the previous year, driven by strong growth in our online business, particularly in South America and Africa. The hard work of our sales and development team last year, on our specific offerings, enabled us to onboard an additional 15 new partners from across the world. Our retail revenues were impacted; however, we have been working closely with our retail partners to create a safe and entertaining environment.

Looking forward into 2021, we expect the ongoing COVID -19 global pandemic to continue to have an adverse effect on our retail business. The uncertainty and tightening of national lockdown restrictions has led to the partial closure, and in some cases full closure, of our land-based partner retail venues.

I am pleased to announce several new initiatives both internally and externally that we plan to implement in 2021. Internally, we will enhance and develop our sales team across all our regions, helping build a more partner focused organization. This will allow us to faster grow together with our partners. We will also be rolling out our new simplified website which will showcase our new content and allow visitors to view and play our games more easily. Externally, this year, we will be sharing with our partners, our new and exciting games roadmap which will add a new dimension to our current offering and provide players with a totally unique playing experience.

We are currently well positioned for our retail business to return to pre-pandemic levels given that:
• The nature of this business is largely comprised of small venues which are easily accessible
• Our land-based technologies and machines are able to be turned on immediately when these venues reopen
• We have kept in close communication with our partners to monitor and help facilitate rapid opening of these facilities

We must all be pleased that 2020 is over. Here at Elbet, we believe that the new normal will be different to the past and we are looking forward to showcasing our games to our partners to better operate in this environment. ‘The future depends on what you do today’ – Mahatma Gandhi

Please keep up to date with our announcements on LinkedIn and other social media platforms for the latest news, goals and initiatives.

Shivan Patel
Head of Global Sales


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